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The Supporters Club

The club has facebook page which has latest news and photo and comments on  it, you can view it here. We are also on Twitter @StreathamHockey and also Instagram.

To contact the club on any matter including player recruitment please contact the email address below:

Streatham are lucky to have some of the most passionate fans in British hockey. Thanks to the clubs rich heritage the support of London Streatham Ice Hockey is represented by all ages and genders and at any game you will hear the chanting and drumming of the London Streatham Ice Hockey faithful.

Despite a long standing supporter base, we do of course welcome as many new fans as possible and have an active Supporters club. On game days you can find some members in the Streatham Ice Hockey supporters club shop located inside the rink on the 1st Floor. The shop sells all sorts of memorabilia and you can also find out more information on how to travel to away games and also get discounts.

The Supporters Club also organises various events throughout the year which give fans a chance to get together and meet the players whilst at the same time help raise funds for the team.

If you are able to display a Streatham Ice Hockey fixtures poster in your shop or local establishment please contact: and arrangements will be made to send you one.

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