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Oct 29, 2019

In the spotlight... Rhys McCormick

We caught up with forward Rhys McCormick to find out a bit more about him. The 20 year old's interview first featured in the matchnight programme.

What did you get up to in the off-season?

It was a busy off season for me, went to Canada for a few weeks to see my Father & family, a lot of exploring, sight seeing, & hiking! Once I was back home tho it was all about getting ready for the season ahead being in the gym & getting on the ice as often as I could. Also, being able to have the time to catch up with friends before the busy season gets underway.

If you could sum up last season in one word what would it be?


What are you most looking forward to this year?

Just being able to play for the team this season, being part of Streatham and its history, playing infront of the Streatham fanbase and competing with the group we have this year is exciting. A lot of experience and talent on the team, we are all looking forward to compete for some sliverware.

Any superstitions?

Many superstitions, some might be a little more crazy than other but I always put my right side of gear on before my left and have worn the same elbow pads since I started playing at 13...

Best hockey memory?

Had many good memories so far in my young career its hard to just pick one however, id say it would be winning the playoffs with my former team Solent or playing my first game for the Bison last season.

Most painful injury you've had?

Just the 1 concussion but luckily nothing too painful, touch wood it stays that way!

Thinking of former team mates over the years, who was the...

Most skillful - George Norcliffe

Toughest - Richard Facey

Funniest - Danny Ingoldsby, one of the funniest guys around!

Most intense - Alex Murray

If you were asked to describe your own style of play what would you say?

I'd say a speed style game, good skating, moving at speed with the puck, playing a direct game. Shooting the puck, keeping things simple & trying to play and all round good game.  Always things to work on & get better at but skating would be my main strengths of my game.

Non hockey

Favourite meal?

Chicken fajitas

If a movie was made about your life what would it be called?

Diary of a Professional Idiot

Would you ever think of entering Love Island?

Absolutely not!

Favourite travel/holiday destination you've been to?

Calgary, Alberta/Canada

Other than hockey, what other sports or life skills are you good at?

Pretty good at crazy golf if you class that as a sport! Other than that more of one sport athlete...

Favourite football team?


Best advice given to you?

Its not the will to win but its the will to prepare to win, preparation is what will set you apart and make you successful.