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Oct 7, 2019

In the spotlight... Andrew Cook

Twenty five year old Andrew Cook joined us in the summer after a year away from the game. Find out more about the Geordie defenseman in our latest spotlight feature.

What have you been up to in the off-season?
I've been working hard off the ice to ensure I'm in the right shape to start the season. But aside from that I had a fab break in Turkey and also spent some time back home in the North East meeting my new baby niece.

If you could sum up last season in one word what would it be?
Frustrating- I watched the games from the stands! Although having a pint in my hand instead of a stick was a bonus.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Competing for the silverware, we have a strong team and need to make sure we are pushing for everything offered. On a personal level I can't wait to get back out and play competitive hockey. I have taken some time out of the sport due to work commitments over the last few years so I'm feeling refreshed and can't wait to get going.

Any superstitions?
I put my kit on in a very specific way, I also find I'm more superstitious for the bigger games so I'm sure my superstitious side will show more towards the end of the season.

Best hockey memory?
Captaining England U16 Team in Holland when we played the final group game against Netherlands in front of there home crowd. Don't remember the score but remember we won the game.

Most painful injury you've had?
Hockey Related- Fractured Ribs
Non Hockey Related- Fractured Skull

Thinking of former team mates over the years, who was the...
Most skilful - Ross Venus
Toughest - 'Patto' - Callum Pattinson
Funniest - Danny Mawer
Most intense - Liam McAllister

Favourite meal?
Sunday Roast, with proper gravy

If a movie was made about your life what would it be called?
Relentless- I feel my life is pretty non stop juggling a full time management job in the NHS alongside the hockey commitments, plus relentless sounds pretty cool.

Would you ever think of entering Love Island?
I would consider it but think the girlfriend might have stronger opinions.

Favourite travel/holiday destination you've been to?
Iceland- fantastic country and blue lagoon was incredible.

Other than hockey, what other sports or life skills are you good at?
I play 7 a side football and aren’t too bad. Have also enjoyed squash over the years but haven’t played in a while.

Favourite football team?
Newcastle United

Best advice given to you?
Go back and play hockey - let’s see if it turns out to be good advice...