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Mar 17, 2019

A moment with Rita...

Our long time supporter and familiar face around the rink Rita Cole, celebrates her 80th 
birthday this summer.  The season will be over before we can wish her many happy returns, so we presented her with a jersey and bunch of flowers after the Invicta Dynamos game to say thanks.

We also caught up with her to find out what her memories are of supporting the club.

How long have you supported Streatham and do you remember your first game?

Hold on, let me just do the maths. 50, 55 years... well, maybe 60. It might be a bit more than that. No, let’s say 60 years it sounds better.

What's your best and worst memories watching the team?

The best bits are always the wins! So many great games over the years and some close ones too 0-0 against the Raiders was nail biting. We won the league a couple of times too in my early seasons.

Some of the old away games, long journeys for some poor results, that and the dark years where we didn’t ice a team were tough.

Do you follow any other sports?

I watch the snooker, the odd game of football, I keep an eye on Crystal Palace and Wimbledon. And the Darts! I’m a great lover of darts.

Do you have a favourite player from over the years?

Ooh, don’t tell them. Callum Best or Peter Quiney. Hmm Joe Johnston!

What is your occupation?

Ex amateur speed skater, housewife, carer, OAP, lady of leisure.

Who have been the most impressive opposition you have seen in Streatham?

Swindon or Birmingham at the old rink. Some very exciting, close games.