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Feb 1, 2019

Coach's Corner

The latest thoughts of our Head Coach Jeremy Cornish...

We are now heading into our last part of the season and I think we have really played some good hockey over the last few weeks.

We've been getting some excellent goal tending and we have seemed to get the intensity back that we were missing when we had our bad run before Christmas. It's nice to see the guys back playing the same way they were at the start of the season. If we want to compete, we need to play with passion and intensity each week. 

I'm not going to have a rant about the officiating last week, all I will say is that our guys deserved more and the officiating on that particular night (along with others) was not at the standard that's needed at this level. It's fair to say the call that wasn't made played a major part in us not winning the game. We had a decent crowd and it's a shame the game ended the way it did. 

This weekend we only have one game in Milton Keynes, the guys trained very well this week and it's important to remember when you train well, it usually carries over to the game. Milton Keynes is a tough team to beat in their rink and we need to make sure we don't take them for granted. It really is time to shift our focus to the play-offs and hopefully we can catch the Raiders with the last remaining games we have. 
We really hope the fantastic support continues for the rest of the season and into play-offs.
Thanks and see everyone next weekend.