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Dec 23, 2018

Behind the locker room door

In the latest of the 'Behind the locker room door' series, #55 Michael Farn dishes the dirt on his team mates.

Who has the best hair on the team? 

Nate Gregory, once he goes back to get it finished 

Who has the worst fashion sense? 

Team Canada 

Who has the hardest shot?

Alex Roberts, high and hard  

Who is the toughest on the team ?

Don, smash a water bottle and you’ll find out 

Who is the quickest on the team?


Who takes longest in the shower?

Woody, he loves to hide the soap 

Who is best trainer?

Jaimo, he’s a coaches dream out there 

Who gets confused easily on drills?

Bailey, you’ll find him at the back of the line 

Who is always on Tanyas bench ?

Jaimo, it’s a tough life in recruitment 

Who would you keep away from being DJ in the room?

Anybody who was born after the 80s 

Who would take a penalty shot to save your life?