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Dec 3, 2018

Behind the locker room door

Our number 9 Scott Bailey dishes the dirt on his team mates in our 'Behind the locker room door' feature.

Who has the best hair on the team?  

That's a fairly easy one and have to go with Mr. Adam Wood

Who has the worst fashion sense? 

Probably one of the MK boys

Who has the hardest shot?

Think Alex when he hits the net

Who is the toughest on the team?

Ryan Webb definitely 

Who is the quickest on the team?

Think Ziggy or Ranson take that one

Who takes longest in the shower?

What’s a shower?

Who is best trainer?

Thomas Soar is usually the show off in practice.

Who gets confused easily on drills?

Probably me

Who is always on Tanya’s bench?

Jordan Gregory obviously and few of the oldies on the team

Who would you keep away from being DJ in the room?

Anyone who plays that terrible heavy metal before games

Who would take a penalty shot to save your life?

Andreas seems to be the hot shot with those ones.