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Nov 27, 2018

Behind the locker room door

In the first of our new series, goalie Nate Gregory lifts the lid on the RedHawks locker room and dishes the dirt.

Who has the best hair on the team?
Woody without a doubt!

Who has the worst fashion sense?
Farny he dresses like a grandad

Who has the hardest shot?
Mr Roberts

Who is the toughest on the team ?
The visor grabbing king, Jacob Ranson

Who is the quickest on the team?
Ziggy Beesley

Who takes longest in the shower?
Jaimo, he doesn’t stop chinwagging about work

Who is best trainer?
Carsy, the guys all wisdom

Who gets confused easily on drills?
Jaimo, guys got a lot of knowledge and experience he’s the clumsiest guy out there

Who is always on Tanyas bench ?
Jordan and he’s not even played this year

Who would you keep away from being DJ in the room?
Soar, guys into his salsa a bit to much

Who would take a penalty shot to save your life?
Andreas, smoothest hands in the team and he’s got all the tricks up his sleeve