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Oct 28, 2018

A moment with Adam Carr

In the latest of our series of interviews with our players, Captain Adam Carr steps into the spotlight.

What did you get up to during the summer?

Had a couple of nice holidays to Austria and Australia. Laid a patio in my garden and got ready for the new season.

How would you summarise last season?

A learning curve, we had a slow start but once we realised how well we could compete, we did well.

Best piece of coaching advice ever given?

Be confident and trust yourself. Simple but effective at the right time (Nick Poole) 

Would you back yourself to swim the English Channel to France?

I would say I could if I had to but I don’t have to. 

Favourite football team?


Best moment in hockey?

Winning the league with MK in 09/10, doing the double in my last year in MK and finally having my shirt retired. 

Top three favourite movies:

1 The usual suspects 2. Gladiator  3. Semi-Pro

If you hosted a party which tune would you put on to kick things off? 

Hall and Oates, You make my dreams 

Ideal woman/man?

My wife 

Worst holiday you’ve been on?

Couldn’t pick one, all holidays are quality 

 Which actor/actress would play you in a movie about your life story?

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Ambition for the upcoming season?

Go into every game to win as always and hope to lift a trophy at the end of it.