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Oct 17, 2018

Captain's Corner

RedHawks Captain Adam Carr looks back on last weekend and also the upcoming Swindon double header challenge.

Three points out of four at the weekend made it a pretty good two days for us for us.

Saturday at home to Invicta ended up being a fairly comfortable win, but it was only comfortable because we came out fast in the first period and piled on the pressure without giving them a chance to get in the game. 

Sunday we travelled up to Peterborough which is always a tough place to play. They probably had more possession throughout the game but it was a pretty even game and both teams had good chances to win.

Despite the obvious disappointment of not getting two points, it was good to come away with something especially missing Rupe and Jord at the back. 

This weekend doesn’t get any tougher with a double header against Swindon. They're unbeaten and haven’t conceded a goal yet but we don’t have anything to fear, we are playing well and feeling confident and looking forward to the challenge.
Thanks for the great support all weekend again.
Carsy #18