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Oct 10, 2018

A moment with Josh Condren

Josh joined us from Invicta Dynamos this summer after a spell at London Raiders. Josh is a former Streatham junior and his dad Steve played for the Redskins a number of years ago. We caught up with him for a short interview.


How did you spend your summer?

Mainly going to the gym, relaxing & enjoying the time off with family!

How would you summarise last season?

Quite Questionable lol!

Best piece of coaching advice ever given (by anyone)?

A bit of a cliche, but just enjoy yourself, the game is always easier when are enjoying yourself while you play.

Would you back yourself to swim the English Channel to France?

No chance - Can barely swim as it is lol!

Favourite football team?

Man United since I was a kid, but recently more Crystal Palace as they are the 'local' team for me.

Best moment in hockey?

There's a few good ones, but probably MVP of the conference tournament in Hull.

Top three favourite movies:

1.Mega mind.  2 Avengers infinity war 3. Split between about 4 others.

If you hosted a party which tune would you put on to kick things off?

No clue - secretly ask around to what everyone fancies dancing to.

Ideal woman/man?

My girlfriend, Yasmin

Worst holiday you’ve been on?

They've all been pretty good, can't think of any bad ones to date.

Which actor/actress would play you in a movie about your life story?

Probably Channing Tatum, or myself! ;)

Ambition for the upcoming season?

Just a better one than last season really. Better points tally & general play too