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Mar 24, 2018

End of season message from Jeremy

Head Coach Jeremy Cornish gives his thoughts after our first season in the new look NIHL South.
I wanted to take a week or so before I made any comments on the season. It’s no secret it’s been a tough year, but one I’ve enjoyed. We put a team together that we thought that would make our supporters proud and a team that would leave everything on the ice each night. I think we accomplished that and sometimes more.

First, I would like to thanks the players, they showed amazing commitment this year to training and games. We worked extremely hard on the ice this year and came away with some fantastic results.

Next, I just want to say thanks to Dawn and Graham for giving me the responsibility  to build a team that could compete. I have been very fortunate over the course of my coaching career to have full support of my owners and this has continued tremendously while I’ve been with the RedHawks.

They put their heart and soul into the club and the work they do behind the scenes is outstanding.
Also, I would like the thank Bill and Terry for their work behind the bench. It’s great having people with great hockey minds with you to help bounce ideas off of.

Tanya and Don also need a big thanks for all they do keeping the boys prepared and ready to go during the season. We also have a number of volunteers that make things happen on game night and I would also like to thank them for making our season so enjoyable.

Finally, the fans need a massive thank you for supporting us at home and on the road once again this year. It’s no secret that Streatham has some of the best fans and it’s been great to see you support us through thick and thin this season.

Overall, the season didn’t play out the way I would have liked, but the guys gave their all each week and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

I’m looking forward to what next season will bring already.

Have a good summer,