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Mar 9, 2018

Cornish Corner

Head Coach Jeremy Cornish reflects on a disappointing result last weekend and the upcoming challenges before the weekend fixtures against Peterborough and Invicta.

Tough week 

After Sunday's massive disappointment it's taken me a couple days to start thinking about hockey again. I think Sunday's loss to Invicta was the most embarrassed I've been all season and we've had a few to be be embarrassed about. We had such fantastic travelling support and it looked like a number of our players couldn't be bothered, maybe because we've beat them every time we've played them this year, but that's no excuse. That being said, we need to be getting ourselves ready for the play-offs and that game was not what I was expecting or hoping for.

I have used the last couple nights to prepare for the play-offs and I know the guys will want to put last Sunday behind them and get focused for our two final games of the season. First up we've got Peterborough, we haven't beat them this season and I certainly don't want to be there if they have an opportunity to win the league. We will be doing all we can to make sure we don't have to watch them celebrate this upcoming Saturday. On Sunday we don't need much motivation, we are facing Invicta in our last league game at home and I certain the guys will want to make up for the poor performance from last week. 

I just want to thank the fans once again for the support they have been giving us at home and on the road this year, we have fantastic, supportive fans and the guys enjoy playing in front of all of you.

See you on the weekend