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Feb 6, 2018

Dave West tribute

At our game against London Raiders on Sunday, the crowd stood for a minutes silence before face off in respect for the recently passed Dave West. Here our GM Graham D’Anger pays a personal tribute to a man much loved in South London.

Dave was a personal friend of mine for over 35 years and we first met at our beloved Leeds United. Dave was a fan of many sports and introduced me to the London Broncos rugby team and of course the Redskins in Streatham. I was immediately hooked!

Dave was a keen photographer and I was playing in goal for the recreational hockey team Westminster Statesmen. I persuaded him to come down and he immediately became the team photographer, and he would join us on tour and come to the games where he was of course very popular. He also used his talents at Streatham where he became an important member of the supporters club and would give us the photographs to sell at the club shop and use for publicity in the press and programmes.

Not many people would know this but Dave did some great Elvis impressions and one of my fondest memories of him is up on stage after a few beers at the end of season party belting out the hits. We couldn’t get him off the mic. Even though he did a solid Elvis impersonation I can never listen to Elvis the same way again!

One thing that is always mentioned about Dave is that he was always smiling and joking which is how I will remember him. I will also remember our long trips up to Leeds together and our trips abroad to watch hockey, plus the endless times we tried to show him how to use a computer so he could order his own specialist football badges.

Miss you mate, and hope the scran is good up there.

RIP Love