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Jan 9, 2018

Jim Graham

Streatham Ice Hockey Club are saddened to learn of the passing of Jim Graham who died on 30th December after a long battle with cancer. Jim was a popular figure around the rink since walking through the doors in 2008, after moving to the UK from his native Canada.

As well as a keen player with the Streatham NightWolves recreational team, Jim played a big part in supporting the Redskins (as known then) and Streatham Bruins both as a sponsor and also in the stands. Former Coach and Streatham legend Barry Spours posted a lovely anecdote on Social Media that we thought summed Jim's passion for Streatham up:

"Jim came and said he didn't want people to know but he wanted to help me with the Redskins and Bruins. When I look back now, there is no way I would have got through those years without his help. Not just the financial support but the phone calls and advice he gave me kept me going through some pretty dark times."

"At one point with the frustration of not knowing if we would have a rink in the future, Jim said to me, 'Get me a meeting with the council and I will offer to build them a rink', so I spoke to my contact in the council and Jim and I went up to the town hall in Lambeth. We sat there and Jim true to his word, offered to build a new rink for them."

"I was shocked after that the council hadn't bitten his hand off but we didn't know then what we know now about the grand plans with Tesco and the new leisure Centre, but those were the lengths Jim was willing to go to to save what is not always clear to everyone to see, but the rich history of ice hockey in Streatham and of course both of our love for the sport."

Jim was well known for his wit and beaming smile and will be dearly missed by everyone at Streatham Ice Rink across the numerous teams that play out of the facility.

We will be holding a minutes silence for Jim at the game against Telford Tigers this coming Sunday.

Rest in Peace Jim. 1967-2017