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Nov 8, 2017

Cornish's Corner


RedHawks Head Coach Jeremy Cornish reflects on the start of the season. 

What can I possibly say about the start of this season...

First I would like to thank all of the fans for sticking with us throughout the start of an up and down season. We've had a lot of turnover from last year's team and it's fantastic to start seeing the guys coming together. We want our fans to see a fast, talented team each week and when we built the team in the summer, that's what we set out to do. 

We have currently done very well in our Cup competition quaifying for the quarter finals. On the other hand, the league hasn't started out as well as we would have liked.

With so many new players we knew it was going to take time for the team to gel, but over the last 4 or 5 weeks we have played some very tight games that could have gone either way. We did have our biggest win of the season against a former EPL club a couple of weeks back and we carried that momentum into last weekend with two more wins.

​One thing is for certain, we now have four lines that are contributing to our team. I've never had such a quick team and the thing I like most of all is the commitment that these guys are showing each week. ​We set up a game plan and our guys try their hardest to execute and these are the types of players we want at Streatham. 

Overall, I've been pleased with our start to the season. I am expecting this team to get rolling now that we have proven we can play with any team in the league. They should now have the confidence to play our way each week and continue to climb up the table into a more respectable position. 

Stick with us, we will continue to get better each week.