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May 31, 2017

Paynter a RedHawk

Streatham IHC are delighted to announce the signing of forward Ben Paynter from Oxford City Stars.

The 22 year old former Bracknell junior made his senior debut for the Hornets in 2011 before breaking into the EPL with the Bracknell Bees in 2013. He then spent two campaigns on the Isle of Wight where he picked up a Play-Off winners medal.

Last season he iced with Oxford City Stars and played largely as a centre man, notching five goals and ten assists in sixteen appearances.

Known for his aggressive style of hockey and agitating, Paynter is the son of Matt Paynter who was a well known figure on a number of hockey teams in the south including Southampton, Basingstoke and the Isle of Wight.

‘I'm really looking forward to playing in Streatham, the fans are loud and the team has a great following away from home’ said Paynter, whose boasts one of the best flows in the NIHL.

‘It's a club with lots of pride and history and I'm looking forward to adding to it. When I spoke to Corny at the end of last season I knew it was a place I wanted to sign immediately, the team he is putting together is young, fast and plays the game the right way. I'm really looking forward to September’

Paynter becomes the seventh announcement to the squad following Adam Carr, Adam Wood, Brandon Miles, Jacob Ranson, Michael Farn and Chris Cooke.

‘Ben is a proper hockey player, he loves the game and is super excited to be joining us at Streatham’ explained Head Coach Jeremy Cornish.

‘I'm very familiar with Ben, he comes from a hockey family and loves to win. Ben understands his role within the team and gives 100 per cent every game and training session.’

‘Last season Ben played in Oxford and had an opportunity to put up some decent numbers. I will be expecting him to do the same this season along with playing his abrasive style that opposing teams hate.’

Paynter’s own and loan jerseys are available now for £100. Simply email to try and secure his home or away jersey. He will wear it all year and you get to keep it at the end of the season (washed of course).

To view Bens hockey CV please click HERE

hoto by Paul Foster.