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May 16, 2017

Update from the Coach

RedHawks Head Coach Jeremy Cornish outlines his plans for the summer and recruitment strategy ahead of the 2017/18 season.

This time of year I always like to give the fans an update on how the off-season is progressing. We have been speaking to a number of players, guys I know and players that I haven’t coached before.

With the new re-structure of the league, it is important that we make sure we sign a competitive team that our fans will be proud of. Tough decisions have been made and I personally want to wish the players that will not be returning, the best of luck for the future. With that being said, the new players that have been signed and the ones that are returning fully understand the history of the club and want to make sure they live up to names we have had in the past.

I have been very fortunate to work for fantastic owners in our league, Graham and Dawn have been nothing but supportive since I arrived last October. They are great people who only want the best for our club and have sacrificed lots in order to keep the team going and competitive.

This season will be much different compared to years past. We have no idea at this stage how our competition will match up and it’s my job to make sure we make improvements where I thought we lacked last season. 

It’s no secret that last season we struggled defensively. We moved two forwards back to help and I feel we still gave up too much time in our zone and too many shots against. That being said, we also couldn’t produce offensively, even when outshooting our opponent by double on many occasions. So, first priority this season has been to shore up our defence. 

I think we have done that so far and are really happy with what we’ve got. Up front we still have work to do, players have been messaging and I want to sit and wait to make sure we get the right people in.

Lastly, I questioned our toughness at times last year, the game has changed and I don’t coach the way I played. Nevertheless, a team still needs guys that are willing to stick up for one another and we have addressed that by making sure we have guys that will, under the right circumstances, jump in when needed.

Overall, I’m pleased with what we’ve got so far. We have signed new players to the club and some that I am familiar with. We are stronger defensively, tougher and hope to be able to put the puck in the back of the net. Most importantly, we will be a team that will entertain and work every single night.

Hope everyone has a great summer and I’ll send another update soon.