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May 13, 2017

Wood back for the new season

Streatham IHC are delighted to welcome back Adam Wood to the roster for 2017/18.

The 26 year old will ice for his 4th season with the club after three eventful campaigns that have seen him play a key role in our fortunes. Known for his tenacity and zeal for getting his nose dirty in the corners, Wood has given 100% to the cause since he arrived from Cardiff in 2014. 

Despite many assuming he is Welsh, Wood was actually born in sleepy Somerset but played his junior hockey in South Wales. In his 88 appearances in a Streatham jersey he has amassed 250 minutes in penalties along with 36 goals and 67 assists whilst playing as a forward and also in defence. His versatility proved key last season and he was an Alternate Captain for the team, whilst also hitting the headlines after replicating Streatham icon Craig Melancon infamous hand gesture pose during a game at Oxford.

'Last year was undoubtedly turbulent and so has this off season so far' said Wood.

'I don't envy any coach in this league this season. I have said before that Streatham feels like home and I am not interested in playing hockey anywhere else.'

'This year will present a whole set of new challenges but that is part of the excitement.'

Off the ice Wood recently got engaged to Miss Universe finalist Samantha Hancock and also starred on Good Morning Britain in a Streatham jersey whilst carrying weather girl Laura Tobin around the ice in front of millions of viewers. He has clearly bought into the history of the club and is a great character to have in the locker room.

‘Adam is so passionate about playing for Streatham’ said Head Coach Jeremy Cornish.

‘He has been around for a few years now and when I spoke to him he made it clear that if he was going to continue playing it was going to be with Streatham. He is very team orientated and that was proven last season when I asked him to play defence.’

‘This season he will start on D, he has great size and skates very well for a big man. It's always great to have a couple players that feel comfortable at any position, so it's great to have Adam back.’

Wood will continue to wear number 22 this year and his own and loan jerseys are available now for £100 each. Simply email to try and secure his home or away jersey. He will wear it all year with your name or message on the back and you get to keep it at the end of the season (washed of course).