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Mar 29, 2017

A hockey family

When former Streatham player Adam Goldstone brought the team back after a ten year absence in 2004, one of the first people he called was Joe Johnston.

The current Streatham Captain is the final remaining playing link to the 1993/94 team pictured above. Goldstone looks back at the Streatham hockey family and Joes part in it.

'We use the term ‘Hockey family’ a lot, especially here at Streatham, Joe is definitely at the heart of that family. He actually did grow up in the rink, at hockey games when he was barely walking he would be bashing our shins with a miniature stick.

Then as soon as he was allowed on the ice there was no stopping him. My own memories of growing up throughout that time are filled with thoughts of Joe and his family.

We have had fantastic times, great memories of my dad and Alex (Joes beloved granddad) getting up to all sorts at many rinks, frozen ponds and various parties.

Our families, a long with the Rost’s and the Collins’s were always together and still greatest of friends today. Joe is the man he is because of his supportive and loving family. Dolly, Maureen and the legend Alex should all be extremely proud. I know for a fact how proud Alex was of Joe, from a conversation (that I will forever treasure) that I had with him a couple of days before he died.

Between all that Joe had a bit of a hockey career. Breaking many scoring records, captaining many teams and representing GB .But his love for this great club of ours is his passion.

After 8 seasons without a senior team I had a mad idea to bring them back. This would not have been possible without Joe’s enthusiasm and non-stop help behind the scenes as well as performing on the ice. Here we are many seasons and a new ice rink later, the senior team is going from strength to strength.

So its time for Joe to join us vets up in the peanut gallery where we can shout down, how we could all do it better! It’s a hell of a lot easier up in the stands!

Well done mate ! Oh, and if you do invite me to another NHL game at the O2 can we take a tide chart!'


Adam Goldstone played for and coached Streatham for many years and you can view his hockey CV here.