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Mar 29, 2017

A little Razzmatazz

When forward Liam Rasmussen announced he would be calling time on his long career with the team, the goodwill messages came in from Streatham fans far and wide. 

Captain Joe Johnston and former team mate Dave Carr both pay tribute to the speedy winger with some personal memories.

'I first saw Liam as a kid playing for the Royals back in the day. It was immediately evident to me that he had bags of talent and all the fundamentals to become a great player. He was prone to throwing his toys out the pram when things weren't going his way and I witnessed a few hissy-fits.

I remember saying to our then coach Dean Birrell that if we could sort his attitude out we'd have a good player on our hands. As someone who suffered his own fair share of on ice meltdowns, Liam had my sympathy, and thankfully we rarely saw it again. What did happen is that we saw a Streatham junior develop in to a quiet leader, someone who was reliable, always worked his hardest for the team and never let anyone down.

He became quicker, tougher, and popped up with important goals every season. Liam became a
model professional, had a good attitude, never missed a training session and even helped coach the youth players at the club.

As an old git, this made me extremely proud as I watched him follow the same path as me and was another product of the Streatham system.

I have been honoured to have Liam as a teammate for so many years now. I was so pleased to see this mouthy teenager develop in to a fine young man and was so proud to see him become a father.

On the last ever league game for us both we shared a final lap around the rink together and there isn't anyone better I could've shared that moment with.

One of the unsung heroes of Streatham Ice Hockey Club history, he is one of the true good guys and will be missed by everyone. Good luck with everything in the future and thanks for all the many laughs and memories.'

Joe Johnston (team mate)

'It was a bit of a shock when I read that Liam Rasmussen would be retiring at the end of this season, to focus on family commitments. The reason wasn’t shocking of course, more the fact he is still a young lad in my eyes and has plenty left to give.

I first met Liam in 2009 when I joined Streatham and he was on the team along with his brother Chris. I liked both of them from the start albeit for different reasons. They were both quiet lads and clearly had grown up playing hockey together over the years.

One of my first memories of them was the whole family arriving in the old rink car park with the brothers in the back and their sister Amy in the middle. The siblings were having a blazing row as they pulled up to park, then all got out the car calm as you like. Poor Mr and Mrs Rasmussen I thought at the time!

On the ice Liam was easily our quickest player, he was lightning down the wing and when Coach Barry Spours decided to do a drill where you had to race in pairs round the rink I got put with Liam and just rolled my eyes. It was like an arthritic bulldog racing a greyhound.

In the early years Liam was one of our only goal threats and if he got a breakaway nine times out of ten he would score it. He had a little bit of a temper and wore his heart on his sleeve at times but he turned up week in week out and showed the kind of commitment that was so desperately needed. He matured even more as a person over the seasons I played with him and it was never what the club could do for him but more what he could do for the team. He is also an underrated player, and when new coaches arrive they tend to be surprised how good he is, as he tends to fly under the radar. 

One year the jersey printers put ‘Raswussen’ oh his jersey which had us all howling. Rather than whine about it like others might, and make a fuss, he just put it on and wore it for weeks.

When Liam started dating Karen I was really pleased for him as not only was she a smoke show (not simply my words but a team consensus at the time) but also a lovely woman with a really cool family too. Now they have a little boy, Teddy, who is the double of Liam and hopefully will play alongside my son and some of the other kids us players have popped out or will pop out in the near future. I was so pleased when I heard the news he was going to be a Dad, it made me well up a little bit and I was really proud of him.

Away from the rink Liam is a talented carpenter and playing hockey has always been a risk for his livelihood. He is the kind of man any woman would want as a Dad to their child with a grounded personality and work ethic. I genuinely think he will be a big miss around the rink and part of me hopes that this isn't the end and at some point we see him back where he belongs in that number 26 jersey.'        

Dave Carr - Former team mate