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Sep 19, 2016

Winless weekend

Streatham endured a winless opening weekend as they lost to Chelmsford Chieftains and Oxford City Stars in the space of 48 hours.

Nicky Chinn’s men faced the Chieftains in a NIHL cup group match in front of a decent home crowd in South London, but lost 2-1 in a closely fought game.

Jake Sylvester and Andrius Kaminskas scored for the visitors, with Callum Best grabbing the lone goal for Streatham.

The game was overshadowed by a nasty facial injury to experienced referee Blaine Evans in the second period. The stripey took a slapshot to the face and looked to have lost a number of teeth and had two bad cuts on his lips, before he was taken to hospital.

Oxford struggled to beat Streatham last season but came out firing on Sunday to win 8-5 at Oxpens Road in an open game that kept the decent sized crowd entertained.

Oxford had eight different scorers in the game with Josh Florey, Jake Florey, Josh Oliver, Mike Whillock, Joe Edwards, Ben Nethersall, Ondrej Pekarik and Ben Ealey-Newman all on target.

For Streatham it was Adam Wood, Joe Johnston, Michal Oravec, Sean Scarbrough and Chris Wiggins who scored. Wood was kicked out for a second misconduct to add to the visitors woes and Chinn suffered a gash above his eye that left him bloodied to top of a frustrating evening.