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Aug 12, 2016

RedHawks have landed

After our popular fan poll we can now reveal that the new nickname for Streatham IHC is 'RedHawks'.

The name was chosen from a shortlist including Ravens, Saints and Royals, that came from a much longer list of initial suggestions from fans.
The team will be officially known as Streatham IHC as revealed back in June. The nickname will be used as part of our merchandising and wherever appropriate.

A club spokesman revealed that it was a runaway winner in the vote:

'We were blown away by how many people got involved in the voting from start to finish. Its always difficult to find a name that sounds right, after decades of something else.'

'We are happy as we feel we can work with the name and it has a lot of potential. We already have a historic name in the sport and our logo and branding is iconic, but we did feel it was important to introduce a new nickname much like football teams do, to turn a page in our clubs history and to reach out to younger fans.'

More details will be revealed over the coming weeks, but the team were informed at training on Thursday as can be seen in the picture.