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Jul 10, 2016

New home jersey revealed

After the decision was reached to be known as Streatham Ice Hockey Club moving forward, our design team felt it more important than ever to honour our illustrious history and that has been reflected in our new jerseys.
Following some thorough research we are reintroducing the 'S' that was so prominent and iconic on our club uniforms through the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The 'S' has been given a modern makeover for 2016 and features inside a newly designed crest while remaining respectful in recognition of our past.
The new 'S' logo will feature on the shoulders of the home kit sponsored by our good friends Lion D'Sofa Ltd and will be more prominent on the away shirts (revealed next week) for this season. It is important to point out that we will not be losing our other iconic 'Streatham' logo, this season or in the future, and this will remain the focal point of this years home jerseys.
Don't forget, Streatham Ice Hockey Club are still counting up votes on a new nickname - if you missed the announcement you can find the information HERE 
There's still time to vote and if you haven't already then we want to hear from you!

You can let us know your choice on our official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts or by emailing