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Jun 19, 2016

The Future...

After revealing at the end of last season that we will be dropping the Redskins name we asked you to send us your suggestions for a new name.

Now it is time for us to announce the name and our next steps...

We received many excellent suggestions (and some we can’t print) for a new name to replace the Redskins but the overwhelming favourite has been to simply revert back to the original Streatham IHC. This was our name from our formation in 1932 to 1973 when Redskins was added. 

Therefore from 2016/17 we will be known officially as Streatham IHC and will continue to use the iconic and historic logo.

As a Club however we feel that there are marketing and merchandising possibilities we would miss out on if we do not have a nickname associated with the team.  For example Crystal Palace FC are known as "The Eagles". 

We also believe that by having a nickname we will be able to excite the imagination of our younger fans and it will present us with greater options for promotional materials. We will produce a secondary logo to reflect the nickname.

From the large number if suggestions you sent us we have devised a shortlist of 4 for you to vote on.

Red Hawks

Once again we ask you to email to vote for your favourite:

You can read our original press release explaining why we came to this vote HERE

If you are interested in sponsoring the team in the 2016/17 season you can also email