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Jul 14, 2015

Home jersey sponsor revealed

Streatham can reveal our home jerseys for the 2015/16 season with a new sponsor on board.

Designed by Sarah Healy-Scully and with input from Captain Joe Johnston last season, the home jerseys are virtually unchanged from the 2014/15 design, pulling on the heritage and tradition of the club with a classic style. The major difference will be the logo of our new sponsor Lion D Sofa.

Lion D Sofa is a small, local IT architecture consultancy working mostly in the city on big budget government IT programmes.  

Managing Director Brian Cliff believes that partnering up with us as a team sponsor was an easy decision to make.  

“I like that Streatham is about having passion for something you love and being committed to working as part of a team”

“It's a family club, full of people who 'make it happen' through their love of the team and the sport. What's not to like? I will be immensely proud to have my company logo on the home jerseys next season.”

We are of course opening up a number of new sponsorship avenues for those interested in supporting the team.

There are still plenty of ways to support the team whether you would like to advertise in the programme, sponsor a match or a player for the season or to have your logo displayed on our away shirts.

Please step forward - don't be shy, the opportunities are many and varied to suit a variety of budgets.

Please email for further information.