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Jun 28, 2015

Sweet sixteen for Streatham

Born in SW16 and once again wearing the number 16 jersey for 2015/16 is talented blue liner Casimir Madren-Britton.

The 23 year old is the only player in the squad born and bred in Streatham and is a familiar face to Redskins fans since breaking into the senior team as a teenager in 2007/08.

Incredibly this will be Britton’s ninth season for Streatham despite his tender age and he is known for his quick hands and physical play, thanks in part to his 6’ 5“ frame. His size does not hinder him from being one of Streatham's most skilfull defenseman on the puck and his compsosure in his own end is often vital to the team retaining puck possession.

Britton has also dropped the gloves when needed and also played his part on both the powerplay and most notably the shorthanded units for the team last season.

“I’m pleased to still be playing, I struggled a lot last season after coming back from illness but I felt I improved as season went on and I hope to continue that progress this year” said Britton, who was a junior at Streatham for his formative years as well as Guildford.

“I’m really eager to keep improving as I don't feel I've been at the best of game since coming back but I'm glad I've still got the opportunity to prove myself”

“It's very exciting to be attracting so many fans and big named players, of all the years I've played for Streatham the team just gets better and better and I'm really looking forward to it”

“Despite the team changing a lot over recent years we seem to have kept the teams spirit and closeness and I'm excited to be back in the changing room with all the guys soon.”

Britton already reached the 200 games landmark last season and is tenth in the all-time appearances table for the Redskins. With time on his side there is still every chance he could surpass the current leader Arthur Hodgins and second place Peter Quiney.

“Caz has been with us for so long now people forget how young he is and that he is still a student” said Coach Warren Rost on the signing. 

“He’s been plagued with injuries most of which all down to how quickly he grew as a young man and that has affected his form and availability” 

“This time last year he made a huge effort to deal with this and his extensive work off the ice meant last season he played pretty much the whole season for the first time in a long while.  Now that we have that foundation to build from Caz will quickly establish himself at this level”

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