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Jun 7, 2015

Captain stays at home

Streatham Redskins are delighted to announce the return of club captain Joe Johnston for the 2015/16 season.

The number 17 jersey would not be the same without the frame of the 35 year old South Londoner inside it and he will once again wear the ‘C’ on the front.

“Joe’s the club captain and still the perfect man for the job.  He’s a Streatham man and boy and a really good example for the junior players of the career path from the mini Braves to the senior team”  said Coach Warren Rost.

“He’s taken on a lot more responsibility since we’ve moved to the new arena and he continues to be a key part of many off- ice projects.  His total commitment to the club needs to be rewarded with a trophy and each season we get closer and closer”

“We have also managed to teach the old dog a few new tricks and made work on his backward skating so he can play defence in a few games” 

“You can tell a lot about a club by the conduct of its supporters and the character of its players.  I think we do all right on both counts”

Johnston made his debut for the Redskins in 1993/94 as a fresh faced talent and one of the brightest prospects in his age group. A junior international star with England and Great Britain, he was a much sought after signature but had always dreamed of playing for Streatham and following the footsteps of his uncle Jim Johnston.

The brief experience with the Redskins was extinguished early as the team folded and Joe headed off to Guildford where he won the GB U16 national championships with the newly formed Surrey club. A number of seasons with the senior team the Flames followed but after two world championships with GB U18’s he hung his skates up and retired at only 19 years of age.

Four years later Streatham finally came back from the dead as Adam Goldstone and a committed group of former players entered the Redskins into the English National League in 2003.

The team needed a goalscorer and someone to lead them and their standout signing proved to be the return of the prodigal son, nearly ten years since he first iced for them.

Johnston has since spent almost every season Captaining the team and leading from the front.

"I'm genuinely thrilled and excited to be back again for another season, though it's probably not much of a surprise to most people" said Johnston on his return.

"It always has been and always will be an honour to captain this team, a responsibility that I never take for granted"

"Streatham is my club, and something I care about immensely and I feel very pleased with the direction things are going in at the moment. Each season we are improving on and off the ice and with the signings we've made already, plus the ones that are yet to be announced, we will be a real force this season"

"Last season I had to be a lot more versatile in the way I played and it was a good experience to play defence for a lot of the campaign. It's not something I'm used to and there was a lot to learn but if that's what the team needs then you have to do what you have to do."

"Our supporters are just incredible and they really do deserve to see us win something. I want to do it for myself of course but I'd love to win something for the fans, to give something back to them for the years of unrelenting support they've given the club and me personally”

“They truly are the best fans in the league. The dream is to lift a trophy in a Streatham shirt and this year I believe it's a real possibility"

Now firmly in veteran status. Johnston played on all three lines last season, playing as a defenceman at times and also anchoring the powerplay. A great awareness on the puck and technical ability make him a class act in the NIHL, and Johnston is still a key part of the team despite his advancing years.

"If I'm honest with myself when looking at the past two seasons I probably haven't kept as much focus as I'd like, due to various personal issues that have been going on” said Johnston, who is now in his eleventh season in Streatham colours.

“I'm hoping this new season will allow me to get my focus back because I put a lot of pressure on myself and I'm my own worst critic. I'm feeling positive at the moment and my mind-set is dedicated to getting prepared for hockey. I'm raring to go and can't wait to get cracking"

"I still have huge enthusiasm for the game and the rink is where I'm at my most comfortable. Streatham ice hockey club is in my blood and that is something you just can't change"

You can grab a piece of Streatham history by owning and loaning the Streatham  #17 jersey’s for the 2015/16 season as both the home and away tops are available. Contact to secure one today.

With summer in full flow and plenty of news to come. We will be speeding up our player announcements over the coming weeks, along with details of our new look jerseys, fixture lists and promotions.

 You can check out Joe Johnston’s Hockey CV by clicking HERE